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We are an authorized Payment Institution regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil, specializing in processing high volumes of cross-border and domestic payments for digital companies in Brazil

Industries and global brands that trust us

Retail & Marketplace
Gig economy

Our core expertise

Full range of services and features to build a localized and  strong payment strategy

Pay in

We rely on the preferred payment methods in Brazil for our payment processing, offering flexible fund settlement options: international, domestic, or both.

Pay out

Online funds transfers to pay third parties, individual and companies in Brazil, instantly and efficiently (24×7)


Optimized funds transfer flow with transparent exchange rates and remittance costs. Receive in the desired currency at any bank worldwide.

Focus on top-performing payment methods


The 24\7 instant and preferred payment method for 87% of Brazilian consumers

Locally issued credit card

Accept card payments issued nationally and internationally from local and global flags

Boleto (payment voucher)

Enable cash-based payments in banking apps and physical estabilishments

Complete solution

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pay in conversion rate


pay out conversion rate


transactions per minute


99% transactions completed in under 30 seconds

More than payments

All the local support you need to run your operations in Brazil

Risk management

KYC validation, transactional monitoring and multiple tools for detection and prevention of fraud

Merchant Support

Team of experts to support the development of your business and provide the necessary local knowledge in Brazil

Legal and Compliance Assistence

Security to aid you in complying with Brazilian regulations

The best experience for your clients

Easy payee self-onboarding and local end user support

Less friction with one stop shop solution

In-house robust technology with
security and compliance

✅ Cloud-based platform

✅ API & SDks

✅ CIP affiliated

✅ Local entities, licenses and registrations



Smart financial management

✅ Unified reconciliation

✅ Validate

✅ Gain efficiency and conversion in the mass payments

✅ Easier reconciliation process by exporting and reviewing reports

Proprietary financial infraestructure

✅ Solid payment networks with global banks

✅ Indirect PIX operator

✅ We are an authorized Payment Institution regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil

✅ We operate as an electronic currency issuer and payment transaction initiator

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Time to market

Kickstart your payment operations through optimized integrations

Direct API

Enjoy the freedom to tailor to your specific needs.

E-commerce Plug-ins

Rely on the convenience of a plug-and-sell solution.

Payment link

Fast and secure online payments without needing a integration process. No additional effort on coding will be required.

We offer more than payments to digital companies,
we offer a trustworthy growing partner