The new standard
for Cross Border payments in Brazil

Charge your brazilians customers
in local payments methods

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Scale up
your business

Payment Redundancy

Scale your business with a platform connected to multiple operators, secure payment redundancy, be online 24/7.

Payment reconciliation

Work with our technology to process high payments and guarantee their reconciliation. Track the status of your payments in real-time with our dashboard.


Use an API integration with a 100% cloud-native solution to ensure your platform is ready to grow at your pace, ensuring that your business is highly scalable.

Refunds Solution

Streamline the refund process with a platform that offers automated chargebacks using PIX and avoid the burden of multiple accesses to internet banking platforms to process a refund.

An integrated suit for payments focused
in convertion rates

Automate your mass payments with our payout solution and pay third parties instantly.

Charge with Brazil’s most popular payment methods: PIX, Boleto and credit cards.

With our Dashboard, you have control and visibility of your payments and billings.

Validate bank data of Brazilian payers and put an end on rejected payouts.

Simplify your international payment processing with our eFX solution.

How we help Cornershop

What they needed

Cornershop’s payment operation in Brazil did not have instant payments processing, it was complex, not very malleable, with high costs and many of its payments returned as rejected.


Payout + conversion

In addition to optimizing payment routines, we were able to efficiently address the problem of rejected payments by implementing a payment flow that combines data validations and payment retries. Today the conversion of Cornershop Payouts in Brazil is 98%.


What they say about us

“WePayments streamlined our partner payment process and provided us with an extremely significant cost reduction.
We needed an agile tool for mass payments. We used a common bank platform that generated a very high cost and a low payment conversion and was not very malleable.”


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